Stand 34 & 35

Geldersekade 58
1012 BK Amsterdam
+ (0)6 13193603


Selection artists

Barbara Broekman

Barbara Broekman, Mijn Familie: Sixhaven, braided paper, 80 x 97 cm

Barbara Broekman, Moeder en Kind: India II, braided paper, 102 x 72 cm

Barbara Broekman, Moeder en Kind: Somaliƫ, gouache on paper, 70 x 70 cm

Barbara Broekman, Verlies nr. 12, gouache on paper, 7 x 100 cm

Tja Ling, The proces of waking up is universal (2017), pencil on paper, 48 x 32 cm

Tja Ling, There is an emotion out there that we don't have in this world, pencil on paper, 64 x 48 cm

Tja Ling. The world is whatever you see if you see (2016), pencil and graphite powder on paper, 51 x 77 cm

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