Stand 17

Franzis Engels presents contemporary art from over 25 artists of different ages and disciplines in a modern building in the center of Amsterdam. The gallery takes part in several national en international Art Fairs. Because off the wayward selection of artists who experiment with new materials and expressions, the gallery in short notice gained a renominated place in the international art world.

Nieuwevaart 200
1018ZN Amsterdam
M +31 (0)6 31 00 03 23

Selection artists

Marian Bijlenga
Katrien Vogel
Karin Rianne Westendorp

Katrien Vogel, Zonder titel, wit - grijs - en kleur, 2019, 45 x 26 x 27 cm, papier, potlood, verf

Katrien Vogel, Zonder titel, wit- grijs, 2019, 54 x 29 x 28, papier en potlood

Karin Rianne Westendorp, 70 x 50 cm, 2018

Marian Bijlenga, Schuurpapier

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