Only Women – Rademakers Gallery

Only Women. The title speaks for itself. Rademakers Gallery will be showing the work of only women artists during Art on Paper (stand 13). Artists: Maayke Schuitema, Colette Vermeulen en Sophie Steengracht.

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J&B uses the vocabulary of the street. Colored bin bags are applied directly to the wall in compositions reminding of color field painting and minimal art, with radical recent protest signs fading in. In combination with weathered drawings, glass flies, street soundscapes, lifelike figures and unique stickers, they form thought provoking installations. As in a broken mirror we see the complex zeitgeist and our own, contradictory, human nature.

During Art on Paper Amsterdam 2019 the duo will be showing their art collection on paper.

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Drawing Inventions Academy

Drawing Inventions Academy will offer DRAWING DATES during Art on Paper 2019. Drawing Inventions Academy is a new mastertrack that focuses entirely on developing drawing in all possible forms and that is intended for experienced and recently graduated artists. Bring your portfolio and receive interesting feedback and/or ask all your questions!

Download the press release about Drawing Inventions Academy here

The Famous Artist School

Artists Aldert Mantje and Peter Kempff will be exhibited by gallery Vriend van Bavink during Art on Paper 2019. The exhibition called The Famous Artist School consists of no less than 620 portraits, each drawn by both men. The more than six hundred portraits represent artists of the most from a current art movements.

The realistic drawing style is derived from a drawing course from the seventies: "The Famous Artist School". Together the portraits form a kind of art tree from 1970 to the present.

Download the press release by the Famous Artist School here


Privat Collection Braat

During Art on Paper Amsterdam 2019 the private collection of Jeanne en Arnoud Braat will be on display. The couple have had a strong passion for contemporary artworks on paper since 1965. Collecting art is like an addiction for them and this shows in their large collection from both western and non-western countries. The combination of figurative and abstract is the common thread in the collection of drawings and graphics.

Download the press release by private collectors Braat here

2nd edition Art on Paper Amsterdam

At Art on Paper Amsterdam, 35 selected galleries concentrate on work on paper by their artists. The fair takes place in the industrial-monumental Zuiveringshal at the Westergas in Amsterdam. Work on paper, whether it be charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, gouache or collage, often shows the artist in the most spontaneous and artistically free moment. The directness that is connected with this medium brings artist and viewer closer together. In their intimacy and vulnerability, works on paper thrive well with the exclusive attention they receive at a specialized art fair. Not only does work on paper have a special character from an artistic point of view, it is often accessible and attractive in terms of format and price. Beginning art lovers might be doing one of their first art purchases here.

A fair specialized in original work on paper

Art on Paper Amsterdam is an art fair for original work on paper, so there will in principle be no graphic produced in circulation. Given the nature of work on paper, the stands are relatively small, which means that the fair retains an intimate character. There is room for about 35 participants. Among them are the galleries Borzo Gallery, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Galerie Reuten, Rob de Vries Projects, Witteveen Visual Art and PHŒBUS•Rotterdam.

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